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M A D E L E I N E     E F F E C T

–   Das neue Album von CRYPTEX   –

Ab 24.04.2015 erhältlich.

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Madeleine Effect has arrived !

24.02.2015 | Salzgitter


Listening to this beautiful piece of music at the moment… A journey through the soul and mind of Simon Moskon. Overwhelming!

Pre-order your copy right here:


IN STORES APRIL 24th, 2015

Cheers & Love: CRYPTEX

Cover Artwork – Tracklist – Release Date and Pre-Order!

27.01.2015 | Salzgitter

Today we´re proud to reveal the cover artwork and the first details about our upcoming album “Madeleine Effect”

“Madeleine Effect” will be europe-wide released on the 24th of April 2015 via CMM / SAOL and the associated, international distribution structures (H´Art / Proper Dist. / Believe Digital) and will be available as a SuperJewelcase CD-version with a 24-page Booklet, as well as a download-version on all known platforms “worldwide”! Plus there will be an extra and exclusively HighQuality/Mastered for iTunes-download-version inkl. digital booklet available.

*the download-version on Amazon includes the digital booklet as well.

PRE ORDER GERMANY: Here you can pre-order the CD version:


1 – The Knowledge Of Being
2 – Ribbon Tied Swing
3 – When The Flood Begins
4 – Romper Stomper
5 – Stroking Leather
6 – Release My Body
7 – Madame De Salm
8 – Orange Blossom City Girl
9 – Melvins Coolercoup
10 – A Quarter Dozen In Ounces
11 – New York Foxy
12 – Anthem Of Glory

Cheers & Love: CRYPTEX